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PLASTER PAINTING ~ choose your item,  paint, shimmer, glue on gemstones  and  take home that day!   Prices range from $12 -$28
CERAMICS ~choose   your  item and  paint. We will glaze and fire your project for you to pick up in 7-10 days.    Selections include  animals, banks, boxes, masks,  plates, mugs, platters, pitchers, plaques,  trivets,  pie  plates, cookie jars.
 Prices start at $16
MOSAICS ~ choose your item and  select from a variety of mosaic colors. Paint and glue~ ready to take home    that day.
 Prices start at $18
STUFF N' FLUFF ~ choose a  special friend, stuff to your snuggle preference  and decorate a custom t-shirt  for them to wear with fabric markers. ~ $18
MINING SLUICE ~ experience the art of gem panning with our indoor mining sluice. Choose from bags  containing Gemstones, Fossils, Emerald & Ruby or Seashells & Sharks teeth.   
Prices start at $10.   Paint your own treasure chest for  $10. 
WOODEN CREATIONS~ paint and decorate your own  jewelry box, treasure chest,  bird house or victorian house.  Prices start at $16
SPIN ART -  choose your favorite colors and create your own unique masterpiece! ~ $2
CANDY SAND ~sand art never looked ( or tasted ) so good!  Select from special shaped containers.    Layer your  favorite  colors and flavors with candy sand.  $6
CANVAS PAINTING - set up a  table top easel with your  canvas, choose your  paint colors and brushes and have  fun creating your own personal masterpiece.
 Prices start at $16
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